As an Author, Spencer has written fictional novels, biographies, educational studies and several theses. Together the list below forms part of his complete works.

  1. Housing is a Human Right: Making Housing Affordable and Subsidized by the Government for Citizens in the US: A Dissertation 

  2. Hardest Marxist to Grace a Banknote: A Political Analysis 

  3. The Failing American Experiment: Article in the Journal of the London School of Economics 

  4. Trump’s Education Department: Is Federal Financial Aid Now A Big Business?: A Thesis

  5. Mass Media’s Effect on Youth During Elections: A Case Study

  6. Mass Media and the Democratic Process: A Thesis

  7. Political Backlash: A Case Study into the Democratic Party

  8. Breaking Free: A Novel 

  9. Once A Rebel…Always A Rebel: A Novel

  10. Growing Pains: A Teens Novel

  11. Life According to Spencer: A Comedic Novel

  12. My Attempt to be Funny: A Young Adult Novel

  13. Second Rate: A Novel

  14. Savana’s Story: A Biographical Analysis

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